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An essential first step in any mass finishing operation is choosing the right type of media for the particular finishing application. The parts processing laboratory at Washington Mills Ceramics provides the early guidance necessary to choose the right media that provides the most cost-effective and efficient mass finishing performance. As one of the largest producers of ceramic vibratory tumbling media, our parts processing laboratory offers unlimited capabilities  to produce custom shapes, sizes and compositions which can be used for testing.

The parts processing laboratory uses the highest quality media because we maintain total process control of our manufacturing operation from start to finish. In addition to high quality media, Washington Mills Ceramics’ laboratory contains a wide assortment of finishing equipment such as vibratory bowls, barrels and tubs, which allows us to process the customer’s unfinished part using equipment most similar to the type found in their facility.

With more than 40 years of problem-solving, knowledge, and hands-on experience, our lab technicians work with each customer to offer guidance on selecting a compound and media shape while running extensive testing on the part to ensure the selected media gives the customer the best finish. The parts processing laboratory at Washington Mills Ceramics Corporation helps you achieve the best start to a great finish.

Getting Started

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Contact Us

Call, email us or send in parts for finishing. Describe your finishing issue to an experienced technician, and we will explain exactly how our services can improve your process.



Sample Process Request Form

Send in multiple part samples, and information about your current finishing time, media, compound and equipment – all of this helps us, help you. Click here to download Sample Process Request Form.



Continue your production

The intent of our Parts Processing Laboratory is to offer guidance on various media capabilities without disrupting your day-to-day production requirements. When testing is complete, we’ll send you our findings.


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Laboratory Equipment

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3D Printed Parts Processing

Click here for information on mass finishing 3D printed parts.

More Information

The parts processing laboratory at Washington Mills Ceramics Corporation works directly with customers to improve their processes. Customers or distributors contact us directly via phone, e-mail, website search, or trade show and are given a sample process report form to complete. This form includes general information about their company and specific details about the part being tested, the type of finish required, and the equipment and composition typically used in their finishing process. This form is known as a Sample Process Request Form, and it is crucial to the testing process.

Along with the report, we require that our customers send in a number of parts so that we may test them using various media compositions, shapes and sizes. If possible, we request customers to send in a finished part that meets their requirements so that our technicians may compare the tested parts to an ideal finished one.

All sample parts are tested for starting surface roughness values prior to testing. Experienced technicians select several types of media to test with the part. The parts are processed using different media formulations for varying amounts of time, and tested to see which media and time resulted in the closest RA value. The media and/or finishing time is adjusted to ensure the part has the required surface finish. The sample process report is then filled out using the accumulated data during testing. Our parts processing technicians provide a detailed explanation to each customer highlighting the media selection that has been chosen for your specific requirements.

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