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Laboratory Equipment

Washington Mills Ceramics operates a parts processing laboratory that contains an assortment of finishing equipment including a high speed centrifugal disc machine and vibratory bowls, barrels and tubs in various sizes that are used for processing customer parts. The variety of finishing equipment provides flexibility in processing the customer’s unfinished part using equipment most similar to the type found in their facility. In addition to processing equipment, the lab uses analyzing equipment such as the optical comparator and microscope that is used to evaluate media for surface finish.

Finishing Equipment



SWECO FM1 with variable speed


The SWECO FM1 is ideal for cleaning, removing burrs, rounding corners, and smoothing out surface impressions on various types of parts. The three-dimensional vibro-energy motion of the machine subjects parts and media to a consistent high frequency tilting movement as they travel around the chamber. The result is a compressive scrubbing action that finishes the parts. Rates of vibration are adjustable to fit finishing requirements.

1 ft³

SWECO FM1 with curved wall


1 ft³

SWECO FM3 with small center column, variable speed


3 ft³

Almco V-26 tub with dividers


The Almco V26 is a batch processing machine for large or long parts.  Dividers are available to compartmentalize the machine to eliminate part on part impingement.

26 ft³

13 ft long

17” wide

Giant Wedge 3 tub

LE Giant W 3

Generally for smaller operations, the Giant Wedge 3 tub is excellent for surface enhancement, deburring, and polishing. The media and parts rotate up and then back down to create friction on the part from both the media and the machine walls. The result is a smooth finish.

3 ft³

2-HA-12 Harperizer centrifugal barrel machine

2 HA 12 Harperizer centrifugal barrel machine

The 2-HA-12 Harperizer centrifugal barrel machine rotates two drums at high speeds to create high gravitational force compression and abrasive action that rubs the media against the part being finished. “Harperizing” can finish parts 50 to 90 times faster than traditional vibratory finishing machines, with processing times ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. Although extremely fast, the 2-HA-12 is also gentle, increasing the strength and resistance of the part.

2 1/2 ft³ barrels 

Harperizer 2-VM13 centrifugal open top barrel machines

The 2VM-13 is the only centrifugal barrel machine designed with continuous compound and water flow, which allows processing without the traditional build-up of free abrasive or heat in a closed system.   It is designed to generate forces up to 25 times the force of gravity with its unique 4:1 ratio of turret rotation to barrel rotation.  

2 1/4 ft³ barrels 

Roto Finish RM2 centrifugal disk machine

LE Giant W 3

The Roto Finish Roto-Max (RM) 2 is a high-speed, high-energy finishing machine used for deburring, surface improvement, descaling and finishing of parts made of various materials. As the machine spins, the media and parts flow down into the middle and circle back up resulting in friction from both the media and the machine walls on the part.

2 ft³

Bel Air 60 liter high speed centrifugal disk

LE Giant W 3

The Bel Air 60 liter is a high speed centrifugal disk machine that is used to traditional finishing processes such as deburring, rounding corners, and polishing. However, unlike traditional machines, the Bel Air 60 L is capable of finishing parts in 1/10th the normal cycle times. It is also able to polish and deburr parts in grooves that conventional machines are unable to reach, making it especially useful for intricate 3D printed parts.

2 ft³




Analyzing Equipment


Deltronic DV-114 Optical Comparator with MPC-5 Digital Readout

This measuring machine uses a special lens to magnify the part onto the screen. It then reads the dimensions and geometry of the part and measures them against prescribed limits.   

Mahr Marsurf PS1 Profilometer

The Mahr Marsurf PS1 is used to measure the surface roughness of a part. As the stylus moves across a part it measures the surface in micrometers.

Stereoscopic microscopes

The stereoscopic microscope is used to carefully examine the surface of media to check for fractures and ensure high quality. The two separate eyepieces provide different viewing angles – giving a wider view of the media surface.

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