Non-Abrasive Products

Non-Abrasive products do not contain abrasive; therefore are incapable of significant metal removal, unless used in combination with acid accelerants. Non-abrasive media is long lasting and is typically used for burnishing and polishing. Ceramic products available for non-abrasive applications are DURAMEDIA® FB, 10, 120, 140, and DURALUM® XM. DURAMEDIA® Steel products, 304ss and 1013 are also offered as non-abrasive media.


DURAMEDIA® 10 is an extremely hard, fine grained, abrasive-free media. It is a proven choice for use in chemically accelerated processes due to its exceptional impact resistance. (85 lbs./cubic foot, color: ivory)


The most common applications for DURAMEDIA® 10 include: burnishing (with proper compounding), polishing, light deburring, and driving loose abrasives.

DURAMEDIA® 10 SDS DURAMEDIA® 10 Technical Data Sheet




DURAMEDIA® 120 is an extremely dense, durable, and abrasive-free ceramic media. Its fine crystalline structure yields superior body strength and fracture resistance. (120 lbs./cubic foot, color: brown)


DURAMEDIA® 120 is ideal for chemically accelerated processes and high-energy mass finishing applications. It is best for light burr removal, light radius production, burnishing, driving loose abrasives, and final surface finishing.

DURAMEDIA® 120 Technical Data Sheet




DURAMEDIA® 140 is the preformed version of our DURALUM® XM product; it has the exact finishing characteristics XM is known to provide. (140 lbs./cubic foot, color: olive/dark brown)


DURAMEDIA® 140 is ideal for the development of a high-color burnish, light burr removal, radius formation, and driving loose abrasives. It is often extruded to shapes and sizes that address applications which seek to minimize lodging.

DURAMEDIA® 140 Technical Data Sheet




DURAMEDIA® FB is an extremely hard and long-wearing media that contains no abrasive. (85 lbs./cubic foot, color: off white)


DURAMEDIA® FB is primarily used for burnishing on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is recommended for brightening, burnishing, and polishing.





DURALUM® XM is a sintered ceramic tumbling nugget that is hard, durable, and dense with an extremely fine-crystalline structure. (140 lbs./cubic foot, color: olive/dark brown)


DURALUM® XM is principally used in mass finishing burnishing applications. It can also be used for light burr removal, radius formation, and is an effective driver for loose abrasives in cut and color operations. It is a coloring abrasive; its hardness, toughness, and extremely fine-crystalline structure make it one of the best products for developing a lustrous, high-color burnish on all types of ferrous metals, brass, and aluminum. It is also an excellent substitute for steel metal applications.

DURALUM® XM Technical Data Sheet



DURAMEDIA® Stainless Steel 304ss

DURAMEDIA® Stainless Steel 304ss is the most common chemistry of stainless steel media, and is recommended when complete freedom from rust is essential. It is beneficial because it can cut finishing times by using more acidic compounds in aggressive processes. Its ability to resist corrosion can eliminate or reduce compounds. It can eliminate contamination from chemical interactions (i.e., iron impregnation) that takes place during some finishing processes. Lastly, maintenance, storage and handling costs of stainless steel are much lower than carbon steel.


DURAMEDIA® Stainless Steel 304ss is ideal for removing small burrs, stress relieving, polishing, and brightening.



DURAMEDIA® Carbon Steel 1013

1013 is made from low-carbon steel in AISI/SAE. It is the most common chemistry of carbon steel.


DURAMEDIA® Carbon Steel 1013 is excellent for slight deburring, stress relieving, and strengthening.