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The Washington Mills’ family of companies

Washington Mills’ growth strategy has always been aimed at serving our customers better. Our internal growth and strategic acquisitions have strengthened our business and yours through: increasing production capacity, diversifying our product line, investing in research and development and advancing total process control. We are proud of our subsidiaries and the value they bring to our business and yours.

Washington Mills

Washington Mills is one of the world's largest producers of abrasives and fused mineral products, offering an exceptionally wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its worldwide multi-plant locations. Washington Mills manufactures many of our fused materials through an electric arc fusion process or Acheson furnace technology. The fusion process transforms raw materials such as bauxite, silica sand and alumina into materials such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, zirconia, mullite and many other fused materials. These abrasive and fused materials possess properties that make them valuable in hundreds of different applications.

Washington Mills Hennepin, Inc.

Washington Mills Hennepin, Inc. (formerly known as The Exolon Company) is widely recognized as a world leader in the production and distribution of silicon carbide for the abrasive, metallurgical and ceramic industry. Washington Mills long-standing reputation for excellence and premium grade silicon carbide make Washington Mills a trusted supplier. As one of the largest producers of silicon carbide in the world and the only producer of silicon carbide in the United States, Washington Mills feels a strong sense of responsibility to our customers and to the planet it shares. Its investment in a sulfur gas removal process makes Washington Mills one of the most sophisticated, environmentally safe silicon carbide plants in the world.

Washington Mills AS

Washington Mills AS (formerly known as Orkla Exolon) is a highly efficient and dependable producer of high quality silicon carbide crude and micro grits. Located in Orkanger, Norway, Washington Mills AS has an integrated plant for both the manufacturing and processing of silicon carbide crude ore, and macro and micro grains. Its advanced micro grit technology and capabilities has garnered Washington Mills a sterling and well-earned reputation as an exceptional supplier of silicon carbide micro grits to the semiconductor, photovoltaic and advanced ceramic industry.

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