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About Us HistoryWashington Mills Ceramics, a division of Washington Mills Company, was founded in 1979 to produce ceramic tumbling media for the mass finishing industry. Washington Mills Ceramics is a U.S. based manufacturer of high quality ceramic pre-formed finishing media.

Washington Mills Ceramics began its early years of ceramic media production in a small location in Lake Wales, Florida and continued to grow tremendously for more than two decades. In 2001, Washington Mills Ceramics acquired the first domestic manufacturer of ceramic media, Wisconsin Porcelain, located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  The acquisition of Wisconsin Porcelain added over 20 years of ceramic media production experience and greatly increased Washington Mills Ceramics’ knowledge of the mass finishing industry.  In 2004, Washington Mills Ceramics moved its operation from Lake Wales, Florida to Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to accommodate the growing company.

Seeing an opportunity to expand its product knowledge, Washington Mills Ceramics Corporation established a parts processing laboratory in 2007 for new product services and product testing capabilities. This expansion opened our capabilities to develop and test new product compositions, shapes and sizes to meet our customers’ changing requirements.   The parts processing laboratory offers the ability to test a variety of ceramic, specialty abrasive, plastic, and steel media with unfinished customer parts to determine the best media for their process. 

Washington Mills Ceramics remains a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of pre-formed ceramic media that has twice the processing life of other standard tumbling media.  Our expert laboratory technicians have a combined 40 years of media-handling and problem-solving experience.  Throughout its commitment to manufacture high quality pre-formed ceramic media and provide superior customer service, Washington Mills Ceramic Corporation is able to help you achieve the best start to a great finish.

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