A Worldwide Leader in Ceramic Media Manufacturing

About Us

Washington Mills Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic media in North America offering DURAMEDIA®, our signature line of pre-formed ceramic tumbling and mass finishing media. Our ceramic, plastic, steel and specialty abrasive products are specifically designed for high performance mass finishing.  Washington Mills Ceramics develops products for use in applications Medical & Dental Implants, Aerospace, Jet Engine and Turbine Blades, 3D Printing, Automotive Gears and Fasteners, Jewelry, Tooling and many more. Washington Mills Ceramics is, “The Best Start to a Great Finish.”

Ceramic Media Leader

Washington Mills Ceramics is a leader in the vibratory and mass finishing industry in ways such as:

  • Offering unique formulations custom made to fit consumer applications.
  • Offering the largest inventory of stock media of any ceramic media manufacturer.
  • Advancing media technology through use of our on-site parts processing laboratory.
  • Offering total process control from start to finish on all pre-formed ceramic media.
  • Adapting to new technology through work with additive manufacturers to produce media to mass finish 3D printed parts.

Unrivaled Experience

Washington Mills Ceramics has over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of preformed ceramic vibratory and tumbling media. Since its establishment, Washington Mills Ceramics has developed a group of reliable, multi-purpose mass finishing media using our extensive knowledge of ceramic media manufacturing to create new and specialty products to fit the needs of our customers. The company’s commitment to manufacturing high quality preformed ceramic media for the mass finishing industry has made Washington Mills Ceramics one of the largest and most respected ceramic media manufacturers in the world.

Consistent Quality

“Washington Mills’ commitment is to ensure that all processes consistently supply products and services of the highest quality which meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.” Washington Mills Ceramics has the ability to consistently manufacture the highest quality media by maintaining total process control from start to finish. An essential first step for consistent quality starts with the selection of raw materials. Washington Mills Ceramics only utilizes suppliers that demonstrate reliability and consistency in their supply.  


Washington Mills Ceramics has earned a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in both our media products and our part processing services by consistently delivering on our quality policy. Our proprietary production process yields the highest quality media that exceeds the expectations of our diverse customer base. Our expert laboratory technicians, with more than 40 years of problem-solving experience, ensure the quality of our media and work directly with our customers to help improve their finishing process.

Research and Development

Washington Mills Ceramics has the ability to manufacture new products that satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.  Our team of engineering specialists use proprietary knowledge, combined with customer input such as desired finish and type of manufacturing process, to assist in researching and developing new products for various applications. For example, we have created a new media designed specifically to work with hard alloys for 3D printed metal parts, an emerging additive manufacturing process. The development of this new product is accompanied by testing in our part processing laboratory which examines the finish of the part, the media wear characteristics, and metal wear characteristics for each new media. 


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